Active Wandsworth Strategy

Active Wandsworth Strategy

We are currently consulting on the new Active Wandsworth Strategy (2017 – 2022). The new strategy will be available and published later in 2017. Have your say in the new Active Wandsworth Strategy by taking part in our short survey HERE 

The main themes which we are covering are:

Workforce – This involves inspiring and upskilling individuals and organisations in the recruitment, training and deployment of staff. Including; volunteers, coaches, officials, administrators, walk leaders and instructors. Supporting these people to ensure more sport and physical opportunities are offered for everyone to participate in active travel, physical activity and sport.​

Places – This involves both investing in existing sport and physical activity facilities, maintaining existing one’s and thinking differently about how we use non-traditional sporting venues. Protecting and improving the number and quality of places for active travel, active recreation and sport across the borough including the River Thames, highways, parks, playing fields, sports facilities, leisure centres, schools and other community buildings where physical activity and sport take place.

Participation – This involves changing people’s behaviour towards sport and physical activity. Changing the behaviour of those where physical activity is not part of their daily routine and supporting those that are already active to maintain a regular habit. It involves ensuring children and young people have an active and healthy start to life, understanding the barriers that inactive people face and helping to nourish, foster and grow those with a sporting talent to succeed

Support – In order for any strategy to be successful there is a need to be collaborative and innovative.  There is no one single cure for inactivity, and this theme encourages partnership working so that activity can be provided by appropriately trained staff across a range of venues to meet the needs of the public. This theme also recognises the need to embrace technology, encouraging the use of apps and harnessing the power of elite sport to inspire. Research, insight and evaluation are also key to demonstrate and evidence the positive impact that sport and physical activity has.

“Wandsworth, a place where everybody can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.”

That’s the vision of the current Active Wandsworth Strategy 2011-2016.

The strategy was written in partnership by Enable Leisure & Sport and Wandsworth Council’s Public Health team. To achieve our vision, the Active Wandsworth strategy has three strategic aims:

  • improving places
  • inspiring people, upskilling the sector
  • increasing participation

Download a copy of the Active Wandsworth Strategy 2011-2016.