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We are keen to review all of our practices and over the next few months we will be looking at ways to streamline our service and hopefully serve you and your clients more efficiently. This will include two new permit forms – the first replacing the current form and the second for repair and or renovation to an existing memorial. Please also be aware that we are considering adopting the BRAMM registration scheme which will, in time replace our existing localised registration process.  2017 will also see a long overdue review of the cemetery regulations.

Our existing permit form carries the 2016 prices and as we are reviewing the form may I please ask that you continue to use this version until further notice but taking the new charges into account.

May I also remind you that masons must contact the office the day before they propose to carry out any works in any of our cemeteries and that they may be asked to leave the cemetery if no notification has been received.

To ensure that you are kept up to date on developments and with a view of minimising paper may I please ask that you email to request to be added to our masons emailing list.

Memorial permit page 1 Application form

Memorial permit page 2 Terms, conditions and regulations