Filming in Wandsworth

You are requested to give as much notice of filming as possible; however in some cases filming can be agreed at short notice.

Filming on the street

Filming on the streets and the removal and relocation of street furniture is co-ordinated via the council’s on-street services section.

The highways section informs production crews of future road works and traffic orders that may disrupt filming. It also advises on safety aspects of highways, for example weight allowance on paving, diversions and closure or partial closure of roads.

Any production filming in the Borough of Wandsworth that would like to place any equipment on either the public highway or on a parking bay that they have suspended should apply for a non excavation permit through the Wandsworth Highways Department. Or/and if they need to book a road space to facilitate a film production. The charge for this permit is £65.00. Small crews of five people or less (including actors) using a handheld or tripod mounted camera will not require this permit providing that they will not be causing an obstruction on the public highway at any time.

You are responsible for contacting the Metropolitan Police to make them aware of your shoot.

Parking suspensions

To suspend all forms of restricted or controlled parking for filming, please highlight your requirements when you apply to film (including a diagram if possible).

Plans should be discussed with the Film Office at the earliest opportunity. Large parking suspensions requests may potentially require a site meeting and approval from various sections.

Please note that a minimum of seven clear working days is required to enable suspension requests of more than 30m and a minimum of five clear working days is required to enable suspension of requests of 30m and less.

The day of submission is not included in the clear working days.

Payment for approved suspension requests must be received at least five clear working days before the date of suspension.

If payment is not received your suspension request will be cancelled.

Find out about Wandsworth Council’s bay suspension and yellow line waiver charges.


Parking permits

Small shoots are able to apply direct to the Film Office for parking permits at short notice.  The maximum number of permits that will be issued to one production is 5 per day.  Download the parking Terms and Conditions

Location finding

We provide fast effective solutions to finding locations. Whatever your brief, we will always try to accommodate your needs.

Take a look at our locations gallery on Flickr and contact us for more information on any locations you are interested in.

Location extras

We can assist with location preparation including –

  • Playing field/pitch marking
  • Filming and events Police presence
  • Location wet downs
  • Unit parking assistance
  • Refuse collection



Charges for filming and photography on council property.

The following are guidelines of the hourly rates charged (all prices are subject to VAT)

  • Photography – £105 – £135
  • TV – £135 – £280
  • Commercial – £185 – £680
  • Feature Film – £185 – £680

The following are guidelines of the daily rate (12 hours) charged (all prices are subject to VAT)

  • Photography – £1,000 – £1,300
  • TV – £1,300 – £2,500
  • Commercial – £1,800 – £6,500
  • Feature Film – £1,800 – £6,500

Student rates are negotiated after an initial enquiry.