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Wandsworth CommonEnable Parks manages over 350 hectares of green places in Wandsworth.  For more information about a park, playground, outdoor exercise place, allotments site, or cemetery, see the listings on the right hand side.

This page gives information on where the green places are and what you can find there.  For regulations and permissions, see Parks and Playgrounds.





Fishponds playing fields will be open at limited times to the public from Monday 24 April to Sunday 3 September as a trial period for the use and enjoyment of local people as an open space.

The gates to the playing fields will remain locked at other times in order to prevent them being used for anti-social behaviour.

People are also advised that dogs are not permitted on the playing fields at any time.

If significant problems are encountered during the trial period the council retains the right to bring these arrangements to an immediate end.

For further information and to see the opening times please click here.



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