Active Wellbeing/Mental Health

Active Wellbeing

Active Wellbeing is a programme specifically for adults with a diagnosed severe and enduring mental health condition, funded by NHS Wandsworth CCG.

Once referred by their case or support worker patients receive 10 weeks of one-to-one exercise support. The activities provided depend on the people taking part in the programme but can include walking, jogging, park workouts, football, exercise classes, or using the gym.

Through this programme we want to increase the activity levels of people with severe mental health conditions helping them to improve their physical health alongside their mental health. 

Here is what some participants had to say about the Active Wellbeing programme:

I went from doing virtually no physical activity to now exercising every day. This has enabled to overcome some physical disabilities that I had had for 5 years and I can now open my front door on my own! My confidence has improved. My mental health has improved significantly – my fitness instructor was lovely and so empathetic. I no longer feel hopeless, the routine of attending each week gave my life a routine that I’ve continued to follow and this helps my mood from going down.


I have gained so much confidence in myself over the course of the programme, despite the fact that my sessions were a little disjointed due to personal reasons, I feel that it really helped me to progress as a person, giving me new found motivation, so I thank the team and programme for giving me back my sense of self.

If you are interested in joining the programme, please contact your care coordinator or support worker. If eligible, they can refer you using this referral form.

For more information email  or call 0203 959 0036.