Cultural Planning Resources

In Wandsworth

In 2015, Wandsworth revised its Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for Planning Obligations. Any development scheme over 100 units or above 10,000sqm mixed use/commercial space has to provide a cultural plan in discussion and agreement with Enable Arts and Wandsworth Planning Team.

A developer may provide a Cultural Plan through discussion and agreement with Enable and the borough, or make a commuted sum payment for the borough to invest in local cultural infrastructure. Section 106 contributions may be pooled with up to five developments in a locality.

A Cultural Guidance Note sets out the benefits and outcomes Wandsworth and Enable Arts would like to secure such as:

  • Subsidised space for cultural tenants and creative workspace including artist studios
  • Permanent arts commissions integrated within landscaping or building features
  • Early activation through temporary creative projects through the developmentā€™s construction phase
  • Support for local festivals or other programmes
  • Tangible creative ways for local communities to participate or learn

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