Resources for funeral directors

This page contains resources for funeral directors for our cremation services.

12/9/18 – Replacement Cremators for Putney Vale

We are about to replace our aging cremators at Putney Vale.  We do not expect to have much in the way of disruption however there will be a time where we will need to limit our capacity when only one cremator is in operation.  The area at the rear of the crematorium will soon become a compound for and in preparation of the works therefore funeral home staff will need to park in the main carpark until this area is reinstated. Access for staff collecting cremated remains will continue to be by the main stairs within the building.

From Wednesday 10th October we will be reducing our cremation services to 5 cremations per day Monday to Friday and will offer service slots on a first come – first served basis.  We will also be reducing our early morning slot availability from three to two during this period (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only).  We will still be operational on most weekends. We expect to have two new operational cremators from mid-December when the limit will be lifted.

Thank you for your understanding whilst we improve on the facilities here at Putney Vale and if you have any queries please drop us a line.

16/3/18 – Important changes to Statutory forms

As you should be aware the ministry of justice as part of their on-going review of the industry have issued new versions of statutory Application for Cremation forms.  The new form 1 is available to download at the bottom of this page.  Other application forms are available on the MOJ website or form the office. Doctors forms remain unchanged.

These forms must be used for cremations booked on and after 6th April and not before then.  This is a statutory requirement and old forms will not be accepted for cremations on or after 6th April.

The noticeable difference to the new forms is the inclusion of the applicant’s instructions for the cremated remains.  From 6th April our ashes instruction form will become invalid and must not be used, however you may still use this form after the funeral has taken place should the client change their instruction.  When completing the new instruction form please include all relevant information regarding the disposal of the cremated remains including whether the family wish to witness the disposal or not and if there is a previous location etc.

The other change is that the form can now be completed on a computer and, if the client has or is prepared to set one up can be signed with a digital signature.  This will then allow you to email the form to the office cutting out the need for excess paper use.

1/1/18 – Music provision at Putney Vale. 

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded Obitus with the contract to install and supply a digital music solution at Putney Vale.  We go live with the new system on 1st January 2018.  We have listed the key benefits to you and to the bereaved below.

  • Enhanced sound quality with a complete replacement to the sound systems.
  • No more CD’s and the issues related to home burnt CD’s/Ipod’s etc. (We will no longer accept these from 1st January)
  • Preview tracks with the family and create the playlist with them – adding further interaction with your clients.
  • You are in control to ensure that the correct tracks are added including hymns.  This negates the need to go back and fourth with us and limits the possibility of error.
  • Print off the words to hymns to ensure the correct versions are included in order of services.
  • Upload photos or video for inclusion in the service (East chapel only) in either a basic (no audio) or professionally presented slideshow to music – or simply display a photo of the deceased during the service*
  • Broadcast the service over the internet (webcast) for family members who cannot attend*
  • Offer audio or visual recordings of the service to provide an everlasting memory of a loved ones funeral*
  • You may hold the service in the west chapel and use the east chapel for large attendance overspill.  Mourners will be able watch and listen to the service in comfort rather than in the rain!*

*fees payable for additional services.  Please see the pricelist.

From 1st January we will no longer employ the services of an organist, however should a family wish to have a live organist we will be happy to supply you with the phone number of an organist.

Please note that from 1st January music will only be available via the Obitus system and no CD’s or media devices will be accepted.

For more information please contact the office.

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