Coronavirus – FAQs

Last updated 27 April 2020 at 10:00

Have the cemeteries re-opened? Grounds have re-opened with restrictions. Access is only for people visiting loved one’s graves or the gardens. Please click here for further information.

Who can attend a funeral service? Following guidance, we ask that only immediate family attend funerals at this time. Immediate includes parent, partner, spouse and children of the deceased. We also ask that a maximum of 10 mourners attend services. Family friends are not permitted to attend.

Does the restricted number of attendees include the minister? No. The minister does not need to be included within this restriction.

Can I attend my friend’s funeral? Unfortunately, we are only permitted to allow immediate family to attend funeral services to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Funeral arrangers are working with families to agree who should attend. Where the deceased does not have any family able to attend the funeral then a couple of friends are permitted to attend.

Can children attend a funeral? There is no specific guidance on this, but children should only attend if they are immediate family. Families and funeral arrangers should also asses the risk for each individual.

Can I attend a funeral if I am self-isolating or suspected of having the virus? No. We are duty bound to protect our staff and the public at all times. We ask that you understand this and follow all guidance on self-isolating issued by the NHS .

Are funeral services available on-line? A family may choose to have the service available as a live webcast. This will be arranged via the funeral arranger who will supply login details to the family to distribute. This is an option and so not available for all funerals.

Can a memorial mason install a memorial on a grave? As long as the mason is practicing safe distancing etc. then yes. This may change if guidance is issued on the contrary.

Can I order a memorial for the gardens or Recordia room? We have stopped processing existing and new orders due to some supply constraints and to enable our staff to concentrate on maintaining funeral services at this time. You may submit an order, but it will not be processed until a later date.

How do I renew my memorial lease? Any memorial due to be renewed over the next few months will be extended by six months to ease the financial pressure on the owner of the memorial and to allow our staff to concentrate on other duties. We will not be able to write to people about this arrangement, but we will contact all owners in the usual manor later in the year to offer a renewal of a memorials lease.

If you are in need of support during these challenging times, the below websites may be of some comfort:

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