Book of remembrance


Book of remembrance


Memorial name: Book of remembrance

Lease terms: n/a

Location of memorial: Recordia room

Options: Various

Availability: Good availability


Description: A lasting tribute to your loved one. A tribute of two – eight lines with the option of a floral or more personal design, hand painted by professional artists. This is the only memorial option that is not provided on a lease. Copies of the entry may also be purchased

Download one of the forms below..

Book of remembrance application form (print and complete)

Book of remembrance application form (complete on computer and then print)

1.Fill in the application section at the top of page 1.

2.Please read the terms and conditions below and sign the form.

3.Fill in the relevant grid on page 1 with your desired inscription. Please use one box in the grid for each letter, space, comma and full stop etc. Indicate your choice of floral or special design if required.  Note that for a floral or special design you will need to have at least 5 lines of inscription.

4.Check your entry is correct.

5.Please indicate whether you would like to purchase any replica card copies of the entry – these are individually hand painted/inscribed. Orders for cards usually take six to eight weeks.

6.Use the price list to work our the fees and send the form to the office with a cheque made payable to ‘Enable Leisure & Culture’ or indicate on the rear of the form that you would like us to call you to take a card payment.

Please check the cut off dates on page two of the form and read the terms and conditions.


Book of remembrance

1.Only the applicant for cremation may apply for an entry in the first year after death unless permission is given in writing.

2.The book of remembrance is held within four volumes and only the current volume is kept at the crematorium. The other books are held in secure off site storage.

3.Applications must be received by the following dates to ensure the inscription is included the next time the book is opened. Applications received after these dates will be included the following year.

  • Entry to appear in January – March ……………. Cut off 15 November
  • Entry to appear in April – June ……………………. Cut off 15 February
  • Entry to appear in July – September …………… Cut off 15 May
  • Entry to appear in October – December ………. Cut off 15 August

4.New entries will appear online on the first of the month of the date requested.

5.The deceased’s name must be placed on line one with the surname first. The maximum number of characters available for the name is 26 letters including spaces.

6.Entries can be refused if deemed inappropriate or unsuitable.

7.We reserve the right to alter the layout of the entry, without notice to suite the continuity of the book of remembrance or where a floral or special design needs space.

8.Fees must be paid before work is commissioned. Please observe regulation three above.

9.Copies of the entries in the form of replica cards are available for an extra charge. Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Once received at the office your order will be posted to you by recorded delivery.

10.A proof will not be provided for entries into the books of remembrance of replica cards.

Replica cards
Replica card front Front cover
Replica card inside Inside the card

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