Resources for funeral directors

This page contains resources for funeral directors for our cremation services at Putney Vale.

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This list is based on frequently asked questions received from funeral arrangers/directors and the public.

Frequently asked questions
Question Answer
Permitted number of mourners Up to 80 in chapel based on general health and safety
Can other friends and family attend the service from outside the chapel Yes, however we do not have external speakers. Please also note that East chapel is currently closed for important works and we do not have an overflow facility for extra mourners
How long is permitted for the service in chapel Early slots before 10am allow for a service of 20 minutes

Slots 10am onwards it is 30 minutes.

Additional slot available for a fee which will allow for a service of up to one hour and 15 minutes (from 10am)

All services start at the time of the appointment and the allowed time includes the entry and exit of mourners. Service overruns are chargeable.

Use of face coverings Advisable
What happens to floral tributes that are placed on a coffin Any tribute placed on the coffin needs to be removed after the service by a funeral operative once the attendant signals that any recording/broadcast has ended and the curtains have been opened. These can be placed on the floral terrace. Please note that tributes are not able to be cremated for environmental reasons with the exception of a handful of fresh flowers if the family wish. Tributes are disposed of five working days after the service.
Is witness charging permitted Unfortunately due to building works we are unable to offer this at this time
Car parking Ample free car parking is available near to the crematorium. Please note that cars should not be left on site where mourners attend a wake and expect to return later in the day
How are inspection of papers carried out This is being done by telephone consultation where possible. Please advise families of the purpose and need for this as most families we contact have no idea what they have requested to do and decline the inspection
Are you offering weekend cremation bookings Not at this time
Public toilets Normal advertised times
(crematorium building only)

Statutory forms

Cremation Form 1

Non-statutory forms

Notice of cremation

Notice of cremation fillable

Change of disposal instruction

All forms should be scanned and sent to no later than 10:30am two working days before the service. We do not require originals.

1/1/18 – Music provision at Putney Vale. 

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded Obitus with the contract to install and supply a digital music solution at Putney Vale.  We go live with the new system on 1st January 2018.  We have listed the key benefits to you and to the bereaved below.

  • Enhanced sound quality with a complete replacement to the sound systems.
  • No more CD’s and the issues related to home burnt CD’s/Ipod’s etc. (We will no longer accept these from 1st January)
  • Preview tracks with the family and create the playlist with them – adding further interaction with your clients.
  • You are in control to ensure that the correct tracks are added including hymns.  This negates the need to go back and fourth with us and limits the possibility of error.
  • Print off the words to hymns to ensure the correct versions are included in order of services.
  • Upload photos or video for inclusion in the service (East chapel only) in either a basic (no audio) or professionally presented slideshow to music – or simply display a photo of the deceased during the service*
  • Broadcast the service over the internet (webcast) for family members who cannot attend*
  • Offer audio or visual recordings of the service to provide an everlasting memory of a loved ones funeral*
  • You may hold the service in the west chapel and use the east chapel for large attendance overspill.  Mourners will be able watch and listen to the service in comfort rather than in the rain!*

*fees payable for additional services.  Please see the pricelist.

From 1st January we will no longer employ the services of an organist, however should a family wish to have a live organist we will be happy to supply you with the phone number of an organist.

Please note that from 1st January music will only be available via the Obitus system and no CD’s or media devices will be accepted.

For more information please contact the office.