Useful Information

Putney Vale Crematorium is located within a cemetery which is regulated by law and by regulations.  We ask that all visitors to our cemeteries observe the regulations displayed at the entrances.  For a full copy of the current regulations please click here.

Please note that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and not exercised in the cemeteries. Dogs, except assistance dogs are not permitted in the chapels or in the crematorium building.


Can I search the Putney Vale Crematorium records? Yes. We’ve had our registers scanned and set up in an online database. You can search for free to establish whether someone has been buried in one of our cemeteries or cremated at Putney Vale Crematorium. You may also, for a small fee view and download a copy of the register to establish more details. Click on the link on the right of this page for more information

Can I scatter the ashes at Putney Vale? Arrangements can be made to scatter ashes in the Garden of Remembrance at Putney Vale according to the instructions given by the family. The funeral director or staff at Putney Vale can advise you further. If you wish to scatter ashes where the cremation was carried out at another crematorium you may do this also by arrangement and payment of the appropriate fee. If you need more time to decide upon the final resting place, the ashes can be held for up to three months for no charge.

How many coffins are cremated at one time? A cremator only accepts one coffin at a time and all the remains are removed from the cremator before the next cremation. Cremated remains are kept separate and are identifiable throughout the entire process.

When will the cremation take place? The cremation is usually carried out shortly after the service. But, when a service takes place late in the day or where a limited number of services are booked, the cremation may take place within 72 hours. In this case the applicant for the cremation will be contacted by their funeral director. The benefits of this include reduced impact on the environment as less fossil fuel is used and the efficient use of machinery and equipment.

Do we have to use the chapel at Putney Vale? The service may take place at your own place of worship followed by a short committal service in the crematorium chapel afterwards, or the whole service may be at the crematorium chapel. In some cases some people opt to have no service at all.

Can we watch the coffin go in to the cremator? Yes, up to four relatives can witness the committal of the coffin into the cremator. Please let your funeral director know if you wish to witness this at the time of booking the service. We are unable to offer this if decided on the day.

Is the coffin is cremated with the body? Yes, the coffin or container with the body inside will be cremated as it is received in the crematory. The coffin will not be opened or disturbed, other than in exceptional circumstances, and then only with the permission of the person who has applied for the cremation (usually the executor or next of kin) and in the presence of the funeral director.

Putney Vale Crematorium is committed to the sensitive and respectful care of all of those entrusted to us. Our policies and processes for infant cremation are aligned to the latest guidance on Infant Cremation, as per the recommendations of Lord Bonomy’s Infant Cremation Commission (June 2014 Scotland).  For more information please click here.