Builder ordered to appear in court over flytip found in Earlsfield park

A local builder has been summonsed to appear before magistrates in connection with last month’s discovery of a large flytip in a park in Earlsfield.

The man has been ordered to appear at Lavender Hill magistrates court in early December following a council decision to prosecute him following the incident.

The flytip found on Garratt Green

The case centres on the discovery of a large pile of pile of rubble, timber and other unwanted construction materials in this small but well-used local green space. This was removed that same day by a man who had been tracked down by officers in the council’s parks police service.

Anyone convicted in a magistrates court of breaching environmental protection laws could face an unlimited fine and/or a jail term of up to five years.

Residents having work done on their properties should always check with their builders and other contractors precisely how they will be disposing of any waste materials.

They should also be extremely wary of people knocking on their doors unannounced and offering to take away their rubbish.

Cowboy waste contractors often drive around residential areas looking for homes that are being refurbished or cleared. They will approach the owner and offer to take “junk” away for a cut price rate.

But instead of taking it to a proper waste disposal site and paying the appropriate fees, they simply dump it somewhere nearby – often in parks or other open spaces – leaving taxpayers to foot the clean-up bill.

In these cases it is not just the flytipper who is committing a crime – the householder who paid them to take their waste away is also liable under the law.

Residents wanting rubbish cleared can call the town hall on (020) 8871 8558. The council will remove waste for a modest fee. If households choose a licensed private contractor instead they must make sure they get a proper receipt.

Anyone with information about rubbish being dumped should telephone (020) 8871 6396. All calls will be treated in confidence.

The council is working hard to keep Wandsworth’s streets clean. Every residential street in the borough is cleaned at least once a week, but some hotspots benefit from up to three sweeps and litter picks each week.

It has also made it much easier for people to report flytips whilst on the move. The new Wandsworth Report It’ app is available on Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Residents and businesses can also report flytips and request clean ups via the council’s website.

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