Costs and payments

How much does it cost to hire?

Please view our online booking system for hire rates and availability.

Online booking system

Please see Hire Charges

What is included in the booking price?

  • Tables and chairs, which are laid out to your preferred floor plan.
  • Kitchen and bar room facilities.
  • Two changing rooms behind the stage.
  • Use of stage, which is fully curtained with adequate lighting.

Also available for weddings: an elegant burgundy and gold carved wooden sofa and two chairs, with a matching aisle runner carpet.

Are there any optional extras offered?

Public address system

The PA system has speakers throughout the building with the facility to isolate sound from certain areas. Music can be played through the system using the CD player or the socket used to attach an MP3 player, iPod or laptop. We have microphones and stands for speeches or announcements and there are microphone sockets in various areas of the Civic Hall and Banquet Hall.

Projector and 4m Wide Screen

  • Projector:
  • Projector Screen: (you are welcome to bring in your own projector)

Our projector is ceiling-mounted and is easily accessed by plugging in your laptop to the necessary extension cable on the stage. The screen is four metres wide and can accommodate the latest widescreen formats, which will be determined by your laptop specification.


These are high quality white linen cloths, which would be set out on the tables before your arrival (the furniture will be set out according to your pre-agreed floor plan).

Robing Room

  • A one-off payment

This is a small lockable room on the ground floor, which hirers find useful during functions. The steward is responsible for the key, who would only give access to people you have approved.

Is a deposit required?

A £1,200 deposit is required within ten days of the date of the provisional booking (i.e. the date you rang the office to make the booking).

All methods of payment are accepted, including online, by card over the phone, or you can post us a cheque (deposit cheques must be made out to “Enable Leisure and Culture”) and by BACS

Please note: this deposit is non-refundable before the booked date, but becomes refundable after the event, subject to any damages incurred. This means that, for whatever reason, the full deposit will be retained in the event the booking is cancelled or moved to an alternative date. We recommend you consider taking out insurance cover to protect yourself against any cancellation penalty.

When is full settlement due?

Ten weeks before the date of your event. For the full outstanding amount, please refer to the electronic invoice sent to you at the time you made your booking.

Please see the last page of the Terms and Conditions for the sliding scale of refunds in the event of cancellations before the booked date.

Please note: We recommend you consider taking out insurance cover to protect yourself against any cancellation penalty.