Facilities and opening times

Do we have to clean and put the furniture away?

The kitchen must be left clean and tidy (as you found it) with all refuse bagged and binned, and completely cleared of all your belongings.

In addition, refuse from all other areas of the venue must be bagged and binned before leaving, together with all tabletops in the halls completely cleared.

There is no need to sweep and mop the halls: our staff will do this.


The management is doing all it can to make life as easy as possible for you and your caterers by supplying dedicated recycling bins at the venues.

As the venue user, it is your responsibility to make contact with the duty caretaker on arrival at the venue, who will then explain the recycling procedures for your venue.

Failure to comply with the duty caretakers specific instructions with regard to recycling procedures could result in the loss of your deposit.


Our staff will remove all the furniture they set out for your event.

Are you licensed to perform Civil Marriage Ceremonies?

Yes, in both the Civic Suite halls and the Robing Room on the ground floor (This is a 30-seater wood panelled ground floor reception room which can be booked in addition to the Civic Suite).

Are there any music/noise restrictions?

No, but within reason.

Can we have candles?

Floating Candles or fully enclosed tea lights are the only style of candles we allow in the Halls or surrounding areas.

What parking facilities are available?

There is a free public car park available for all after-hours and weekend bookings for up to 120 cars. (Please note: the parking is shared with the Registry office on Saturdays between 9am and 5pm).

What is the Suite’s capacity?

  • Reception (Table Service): 520 guests – excludes top table for 15.
  • Reception (Buffet): 490 guests – excludes top table for 15.
  • Dinner/Dance (Buffet): 430 guests.
  • Theatre Seating (Civic Hall Only): 428 guests.
  • Examinations (Both Halls): 240 candidates.
  • Exhibition Space: Civic Hall – 3,225 sq ft; Banquet Hall – 2,904 sq ft.
  • Conference/Seminar/A.G.M.: up to 428 seated, with 2,904 sq ft of display space.

The venue is licensed to accommodate up to 800 people in the building at any time.

What is the earliest time the Suite is available?

Monday to Sunday from 8am.

What is the latest time the Suite can be hired till?

  • Sunday to Thursday: 12 midnight
  • Friday and Saturday: 2am

How do I find out the availability of the Suite?

Please telephone the Civic Suite and Chatham Hall booking office on: 020 3959 0048

Or, go to our online booking system for prices and availability.

online booking system