Free lets to charities

The Civic Suite offers ten free lets within the council’s financial year, which runs from April 1 to March 31.

To apply for one of our ten free lets, please ensure that your application meets the following criteria, and that you comply with the following information:

  • The charity office must be based in Wandsworth – your registration details held by the Charity Commission will confirm this, which will be printed off and included in your application
  • The charity number must be included in the application letter
  • Guest numbers must not be less than 200.
  • The event must be held between Monday and Thursday inclusive
  • Charities are not permitted consecutive annual booking

The following costs must still be paid by the applicant: £1,200 deposit (music license, public address system, tablecloth hire, projector, 4m projector screen).

A letter of application for a free let must be made by the charity using the charity’s headed paper, or by email, which must include the link to the charity’s website. The application letter must also include a¬†description of the event planned, the numbers attending, and a brief overview of the work undertaken by the charity.

Should your charity meet the above criteria, please submit your free let application letter within ten days of making your provisional booking.

If we have not heard from you within this period, the date will once again be released for general hire.