Community Tree planting sessions just started in Wandsworth

Wandsworth Council successfully applied for a £17,800 grant from the Greater London Authority’s Greener City Fund and has put in an additional £7,400 into buying and planting 80 trees in the borough.

Trees and Parks teams have reached out to a wide range of greenspace users as well as residents; particularly those who have shown an interest in improving the biodiversity of the local area.

In addition, the Trees Team are keen to find more people who would be prepared to take on more of a “monitoring” role of these new trees and develop further detailed communications with the Tree Department.

Friends of Christchurch Gardens

The aim of the project is to provide to the different community groups and local schools with an opportunity to collaborate with the Parks and Trees team of Enable Leisure and Culture, on behalf of Wandsworth Council, in their Tree planting programme, as well as to form a closer bond with one of their local greenspaces.

Each Friends Group in the borough is receiving a tree as part of the Love Parks Campaign.

Friends of Coronation Gardens with Jessica Stocks (ELC Tree Officer)

The Wandsworth Community Tree Planting Project started with Christchurch Gardens as the first location, where trees have been planted with the collaboration of the Friends of Christchurch Gardens.

The Friends of Coronation Gardens, the Friends of Wandsworth Common (together with the Wandsworth Common MAC), the Friends of Battersea Park and the Friends of Wandsworth Park have now also planted trees in their respective greenspaces.

Friends and MAC of Wandsworth Common

It is also programmed to collaborate with the rest of Friends groups in the borough, residents’ associations and local schools in planting sessions in Wandsworth greenspaces with this grant.

These sessions will be delivered between November 2019 and December 2019. The project aims to increase the Tree canopy in the borough as part of the environmental programme that the ELC Parks Team is working on delivering.

For more information, please contact Enable Leisure and Culture’s Parks Office by emailing or by phoning 020 3959 0060.

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