Harroway Gardens

  • Pocket park
  • Children’s playground

About: Situated in a fast changing corner of Battersea of new residential developments, this relatively small park is an important focal point of greenery for a growing population. The Gardens are in a green well surrounded by medium and high rise blocks overlooking the mature tree cover. A short distance from the heliport and the riverside walk.

History: On Yelverton and Harroway Roads were small rows of Victorian terrace housing in a semi-industrial area near the Lombard Road power station.  Much of this area adjacent to the railway line suffered significant bomb damage during World War Two. The Caius House was set up as a College mission to help the disadvantaged young people of Battersea and is next to the park.  Development came in the late 1970s when Totteridge House and housing estate were laid out; the power station was replaced by a timber yard; Harroway Road itself was closed and part pedestrianised.  The park is mounded up, probably using brick and rubble from demolished buildings.

Entrance:  Yelverton Road

Next nearest green places:  York Gardens, Fred Wells Gardens

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