Joggers, please give people space

We want people to exercise in our parks and green spaces and remain healthy and safe, however, those taking exercise, especially joggers and runners, need to act responsibly and make sure they observe the two metre rule and protect other park users.

People running in parks should follow these guidelines:

  • Please stay at least two metres away from everyone, do not run up close to people just because you are moving quicker than they are.
  • Please avoid spitting or clearing your nose.
  • Try to avoid running on paths where possible. Keep on the grass where you can and maintain a safe distance.
  • If you do need to use a path, be patient and allow others, like older people, those who are infirm dog walkers and those with young children to use the path safely – and if you need to overtake run on the grass at a safe distance.
  • Try timing your run for when you know the parks and footpaths will be less busy.
  • Run on your own or only with members of your household. Don’t run in groups.
  • If you feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms Stay at home – don’t go running.
  • And don’t forget to wash your hands when you get back home.

The council’s environment spokesman Cllr Steffi Sutters said: “It’s really important that everyone visiting our parks and commons complies with the two metre rule and remains courteous and considerate to all those around them.

“If you are running we would ask you to run on the grass where possible and avoid paths, especially busy ones being used by other visitors, some of whom may have mobility difficulties and cannot walk easily on grassed areas.

“In this health crisis we want people to continue exercising in parks as it’s good for both their physical and mental health and well-being, but people do need to follow the safe distancing rules and respect the needs of others.”

People should not use playgrounds and outdoor gyms. These are all closed to avoid the risk of infection. All dogs must also be kept on leads so that safe distancing rules are not jeopardised.

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