Let’s Chat at the Henry Prince Estate

Enable have been working in partnership with Wandsworth Council to better understand the health needs of the residents of the 272-home Henry Prince Estate in Earlsfield. In order to learn about residents’ physical and mental wellbeing and related needs, consultations were carried on the estate throughout July to better understand the perception of individual and community health, the awareness of local support services and to provide important information to shape future local support for residents.

Via community activities in delivered partnership with Wandsworth Council since 2020 across the estate, there has been valuable insight gained from local residents to determine what type of activities beneficial to their health and wellbeing they would like to engage with.

Since consultations began in June, Chelsea Kicks sessions have been utilised to reach young people on matters like their mental and physical wellbeing, confidence accessing services to support and what would make the biggest positive impact on them.

These consultations were followed up with a community event ‘Let’s Chat’ which took place on a sunny Saturday afternoon where residents of all ages enjoyed free classes and activities across the estate from boxing and yoga to football and skateboarding with food and refreshments included. The action-packed afternoon was for all ages and abilities and was a great way to encourage and promote community cohesion as well as facilitate a space for residents to have their say on their health & wellbeing needs with the aim of helping Wandsworth Council shape the future support offered to residents.

Members of the Enable staff team hosted the event in collaboration with partners, Carneys Community, Live Karma Yoga and Kimber Road Skatepark.

Throughout the consultation period, 70 residents were engaged and gave invaluable feedback, learnings, creating future opportunities to build on the current community offer.

 Boys from the 13-15 age group say: “I feel healthy and strong and my mental health feels stable and is developing. Physical activity helps refresh and clear my mind.”

“If I look good and feel good, have confidence, and believe in myself it makes a big difference to my wellbeing.”

“I can sometimes feel nervous about accessing community and health services, but it all depends on how you go into it and being positive.”

Look out for free Boxing and Yoga sessions starting on the 12th and 13th August at The Henry Prince Community Club room in August.

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