Macmillan Move More (Wandsworth)

Macmillan Move More is a physical activity service designed to support people living with and beyond cancer become more active.

It’s been proven that taking part in physical activity during and after cancer treatment is safe and has many long term benefits. This includes reducing consequences of treatment, such as fatigue and the risk of developing other conditions such as osteoporosis and diabetes. Lots of people also tell us that physical activity helps them take back control and feel more like their old self.


a physical activity session outside

Some of our participants enjoying our last socially-distanced outdoor class (and some sunshine) in November.

About us

The service is open to anyone with a cancer diagnosis in Wandsworth regardless of when the diagnosis was made. We offer physical activity classes that take place across the borough and via zoom. We also have a gym course available across gym settings in the borough.

We understand that increasing activity during and after cancer treatment can be very difficult and things like fatigue, pains and lack of confidence can create barriers. Our aim is to help you increase your motivation and overcome personal barriers.

To join Move More, please contact our Move More Advisor, Pip Thorne, on 020 3959 0039 or email us