No Mow May is back and better for 2023

This month, Wandsworth will once again be taking part in No Mow May. The national campaign run by the charity Plantlife will see Wandsworth leave over 40 hectares of grass left unmown throughout May to encourage pollinators and support Wandsworth Council’s biodiversity strategy.

Pollinators and the Biodiversity Strategy

The Wandsworth Biodiversity Strategy lays out a series of actions to deliver improvements for pollinators. No Mow May is a key part of this, boosting habitats for pollinators and raising awareness of the importance of giving nature the space to thrive. The biodiversity strategy stresses that all pollinators are brought into the spotlight and that measures are implemented to support the lifecycle of this wide range of invertebrates including butterflies and moths, hoverflies and some soldierflies, along with various kinds of bees. The strategy also emphasises the importance of working with the community, to make improvements in private and communal gardens as well as the public greenspaces, as working together can provide more places for wildlife and improve connectivity for pollinator species across Wandsworth.

Judi Gasser, cabinet member for the environment, said: “We love No Mow May and I’m delighted that we’re taking part again this year. It’s part of a range of measures we’re taking to protect and enhance our natural habitats, including creating wildflower meadows in King George’s Park and a pollinator habitat in Putney Park Lane.”

Following last year’s success, Wandsworth will be expanding No Mow May to include 31 sites this May, with the scheme expected to continue through June across most locations.

What can the community do this No Mow May?

We want to encourage people to take part in No Mow May at home – leave the lawnmower or strimmer in the shed for one month and see which flowers bloom and which pollinators visit. Private domestic gardens cover 716 hectares in Wandsworth, which is almost 20% of the Borough’s total area! Taking part on No Mow at home is an excellent way to understand the existing wildlife value of your local area and a chance to discover hidden gems across the borough.

Spread the Word

The way we talk about biodiversity is key to encouraging members of the community to take action. Even if you don’t have a garden, sharing photos using the hashtags #NoMowMay and #Wandsworth is a key way to be part of an important conversation. We want everyone to know the value of taking part in No Mow May and supporting pollinators, and you can help us be a part of this!

We will be sharing before and after photos on our social media.

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