Enable Parks manages and develops parks, deals with general queries and monitors the grounds maintenance, arboriculture and sports pitch bookings contracts on behalf of Wandsworth Council

  • Parks – for general queries, fishing permits and commemorative benches
  • Development – plans improvements to parks, liaises with Friends groups and raises funding
  • Arboriculture – inspects trees in parks and streets and some Wandsworth Council establishments; manages the arboricultural maintenance contract
  • Allotments – manages 450 allotments on 8 sites, maintains the waiting lists, works with volunteer site managers
  • Playgrounds – inspects the playgrounds in parks, inspects play equipment regularly; develops playgrounds
  • Operations – manages the horticultural maintenance contract
  • Biodiversity – advises Wandsworth Council on its responsibilities with respect to wildlife legislation; advises on best practice in ecological maintenance of parks.