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Updated: Tuesday 4th August 2020

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When in our parks and open spaces please:

  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • Be considerate of others when using the park
  • Ensure you are two metres from others when using all open facilities

Measures in place:

  • Full PPE for staff members in facilities
  • Hand sanitiser available in all open toilets
  • Parks and Events police on duty to monitor social distancing

Toilet opening times:

  • Battersea Park: 8am – 10pm
  • Wandsworth Common: 8am – 9pm
  • Wandsworth Park: 8am – 9pm
  • Tooting Common Cafe: Open

Guidance for families using playgrounds Summer 2020

To ensure you and your children can use our playgrounds safely this summer, please read these simple instructions and plan ahead for your visit.

  • If you, your children or any other family or bubble member are feeling unwell or are self-isolating please do not visit our playgrounds.
  • Please make sure you all wash your hands before you leave home to visit the playground.
  • Please bring hand sanitiser with you and make sure you have all used it before and after using the equipment. This will help keep you safe and help you to keep others safe.
  • To help us and you to maintain safe social distancing only one adult per group is allowed into the playground. As an adult you are responsible for maintaining social distancing from other users and please consider wearing a face mask. 
  • Some equipment can only be used by one child at a time while social distancing is in place.  Please ensure you all wait at a safe distance if the equipment is already in use or return later to use that item
  • Encourage your children to avoid touching their faces whilst they are playing
  • If you are using disposable PPE (face masks or gloves), the only safe way for this to be disposed of is in your bin at home – do not place these items in our litter bins or leave them lying around.
  • Please make sure you all wash your hands when you get home from your visit
  • There are currently no special cleaning measures in place in playgrounds.  They are not disinfected or sanitised.
  • All of our playground equipment is checked regularly for damage and wear and tear.  If you spot something you think is broken or damaged please email us parks@enablelc.org or call the parks police mobile 07500 959442. 
  • If the equipment is not safe to use because it is damaged or broken, we will need to shut the playground until repairs can be carried out.  If you arrive at a playground and it is shut, please do not enter it.  Help us to help you by finding another playground to visit.
  • The playground at Fred Wells Gardens will remain closed this summer whilst we undertake improvements.  Your next nearest playground is Harroway Road, Yelverton Road SW11 3QH
  • The playground at York Gardens will remain closed this summer whilst UK Power Networks install new cabling locally.  Your next nearest playground is Harroway Road, Yelverton Road SW11 3QH or Shillington Gardens, Batten Street SW11 2TH
  • Normally the Fishponds playing fields, which are bordered by Fishponds Road, Hebdon Road and Broadwater Road, are only accessible when sports clubs have made a pitch booking. However in order to make better use of this green amenity, the council has decided that it will be opened up for all to use between 8am and 6pm every day until September 6. These new opening arrangements will commence this coming Saturday (July 18). Outside of these new opening hours, the gates to the playing fields will remain locked to prevent them being affected by anti-social behaviour. People are also being advised that dogs are not permitted on the playing fields at any time.

We hope you enjoy being able to use our playgrounds again, we look forward to welcoming you all back for safe shared play very soon.

Welcome to Wandsworth’s parks pages!

Wandsworth’s parks team:

  • manage and develop Wandsworth Council’s parks, commons, playgrounds and allotments
  • process all enquires relating to Wandsworth’s public green spaces
  • monitor the grounds maintenance, sports pitch bookings and arboriculture contracts on behalf of Wandsworth Council
  • advise Wandsworth Council on its responsibilities with respect to legislation relating to biodiversity and advise on best practice in the ecological maintenance of parks

Meet the companies helping to look after Wandsworth’s greenspaces


Wandsworth Council, in partnership with Enable Leisure and Culture, work with several contractors to ensure that Wandsworth’s parks and commons are well looked after.

idverde runs two contracts: grounds maintenance and grass pitch bookings:

Click here for the idverde website

City Suburban (CSTS) runs the arboricultural (trees) contract:

Click here for the CSTS website


Wandsworth Council’s greenspaces are managed in partnership with Enable Leisure and Culture