There are ten allotment sites in Wandsworth. Eight are managed by Enable Leisure and Culture on behalf of Wandsworth Council. Two are managed by Roehampton Garden Society (RGS). Visit RGS website to find out more about these two sites.

Allotment gardening brings a wide range of benefits enjoyed by hundreds of local people every year. Whether your main purpose is enjoying an open space, growing flowers or seasonal fresh local food – it’s an activity for the whole community. Gardening can help keep you fit, and allotments provide homes for many different forms of wildlife.

Applications are dealt with in strict chronological order for each site. Due to demand you can expect to wait several years for a plot. The shortest waiting list is for the Morden allotments site. Please contact us if you wish to find out your progress up the waiting list.

While you’re waiting we often know of local gardening opportunities where you can volunteer and help cultivate a community plot along with others. This does not affect your place on the waiting list.


image of an allotment