Allotment sites

Number of plots at this site: 104

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 14 years, 9 months 

Numbers waiting: 402+ 

Gently sloping, open aspect, south facing site in the lower Wandle valley, with a light sandy loam soil overlaying yellow clay. Bounded by roads, a primary school and playing fields, this site is visible to passers by. Originally laid out with 65 five rod plots, the site now provides over 100 smaller plots.

Formerly arable farmland, the fields were used for sports recreation during World War 1. The site had its origins in the LCC adult education movement. There have been allotments or trial plots at this site since 1920s. Classes continued with ILEA up until 1990.

The site association is the Wandsworth Horticultural Association which, together with WHA members at the Sailor Prince site, hosts an Annual Vegetable Show in the autumn.

Entrance: Fieldview SW18

Number of plots at this site: 155

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 8 years, 8 months

Numbers waiting: 236+

Wandsworth’s largest allotments site runs alongside the River Wandle for half a mile. This is a lovely level site is behind Garratt Park and the playground, just a short walk away from Garratt Lane. The site is divided in two, each with separate entrances. The aspect of both sections is flat, with several mature London plane trees at the northern end (accessed via Steerforth Street). It benefits from a fine fertile forgiving soil derived from river alluvium.

Plots are a variety of sizes and shapes. The large number of plots at this site inevitably leads to greater turnover and possibility of vacancies.

Dating from 1917 the site was created for allotments in response to the food crisis of the First World War. It had earlier been a garden belonging to the owner of the old Garratt Mill by the Trewint Street bridge. The original Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth acquired the land and used it for a depot. During World War 2 the allotments again spread out to cover much of Garratt Park.

Entrances: via Garratt Park, off Siward Road SW17 ; Steerforth Street SW18

Number of plots at this site: 9

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 16 years, 7 months 

Numbers waiting: 26 

This waiting list is currently closed

Situated in one corner of a small housing estate just off the high street in the heart of Tooting, this site is faced by both the fronts and backs of residential houses. Access is by foot only. It is a level site and the surrounding buildings afford some protection from wind. With only nine small plots it is one of the smallest allotment sites in the borough.

The site was created for allotments shortly after the estate was built in 1950s.

Due to the high level of demand and the high number of applications here, the waiting list for this site will remain closed.

Entrance: via Herlwyn Gardens SW17

Number of plots at this site: 60 

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 12 years, 8 months 

Numbers waiting: 264 

This allotments site is level with a sunny open aspect, lodged between the Territorial Army and Southfields Academy for neighbours. It is bounded by the natural woodland area of King George’s Park and, across the open park, is the River Wandle. Soil is fine and fertile derived from river alluvium.

It was the Metropolitan Park and Gardens Trust who first set up and managed this allotments site for The London Borough of Wandsworth during World War 2 to contribute towards Digging for Victory. At that time the allotments took up the whole field extending to the River Wandle. By the mid 1960s the allotments had retreated into the small corner they continue to occupy now. The rest of the field became public park as King George’s Park was extended southwards.

The King George’s Park Permanent Allotments Society won Lottery funding and improved the pathways all around this site.

Entrance: via King George’s Park

Number of plots at this site: 53 

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 4 years 

Numbers waiting: 69+ 

Located six miles outside the borough adjacent to Morden Cemetery, this allotments site is low lying near the Pyl Brook and in the valley of the Beverley Brook. The site can seem damp over winter but is invariably lush and verdant the rest of the time. Nearby trees host many loud noisy birds.

An allotments site has existed alongside the cemetery for many years. In the 1980s it was offered as alternative to the displaced plot holders from the allotments site that was closed in Shillington Park SW11.

Plot holders take special interest in the natural environment, with a wildlife pond and stag beetle woodpile.

Entrance: two gates on the track leading from the end of Arthur Road KT3

Number of plots at this site: 88 

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 6 years, 4 months 

Numbers waiting: 213 + 

This site slopes down from the mature oaks of Wimbledon Common to the edge of the housing estate behind the superstore on the A3 at Putney Vale. It is a north facing slope with good views of trees in most directions – another good place for bird spotting.

Originally the allotments were laid out to serve the housing estate but became part of the wider council allotments stock in 1980s. The whole site had earlier been farmland running up to the Common from the Portsmouth Road. Putney Vale Cemetery was built in the late 19th century. By the time of World War 2 a munitions factory was attracting aircraft attention where the superstore now stands.

The Putney Vale Allotments Society serves members at this site and produces regular newsletters.

Entrance: off Stroud Crescent SW15

Number of plots at this site: 7 

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 18 years, 5 months 

Numbers waiting: 70 

This waiting list is currently closed

Fleetingly visible from speeding trains leaving or entering Wandsworth Common station, this tiny site of half dozen allotments at Ravenslea is level with the train tracks. The site is accessed via steep steps. It is very quiet between train services and the sound of birds carries over from the Common.

This site previously formed part of a goods yard and was given over to allotments in the late 1980s.

Due to demand the waiting list is closed for this site.

Entrance: off Ravenslea Road SW12

There are two allotment sites in Roehampton both of which are managed by the Roehampton Garden Society.

Please visit their webpages for further information and to apply to their waiting list for these sites.


Number of plots at this site: 21

How long applicant at position 1 has waited: 10 year, 11 months 

Numbers waiting: 182+ 

A bend in the River Wandle sweeps below this small friendly and sunny site. Partly silty loam and partly made ground, with a steeply dropping river wall, it is a small and friendly site. The former Wandle Primary School now private flats overlooks the old boundary wall onto the site. The other two sides comprise the back garden walls from Duntshill Road.

The Sailor Prince site was originally set up by the London County Council. It came to Wandsworth Council, along with the Beatrix Potter site, on the demise of ILEA. Plot holders were obliged to attend evening classes and learned how to grow vegetables.

The Sailor Prince joins with Beatrix Potter allotments for the Annual Vegetable Show each autumn, open to the public.

Entrance: Duntshill Road SW18