Beatrix Potter Allotment

Number of plots at this site: 100

Length of waiting list: 10 years

Numbers waiting: 421

Gently sloping, open aspect, south facing site in the lower Wandle valley, with a light sandy loam soil overlaying yellow clay. Bounded by roads, a primary school and playing fields, this site is visible to passers by. Originally laid out with 65 five rod plots, the site now provides over 100 smaller plots.

Formerly arable farmland, the fields were used for sports recreation during World War 1. The site had its origins in the LCC adult education movement. There have been allotments or trial plots at this site since 1920s. Classes continued with ILEA up until 1990.

The site association is the Wandsworth Horticultural Association which, together with WHA members at the Sailor Prince site, hosts an Annual Vegetable Show in the autumn.

Entrance: Fieldview SW18