Waiting lists

Waiting list information as at May 2020

Site Plots   Numbers waiting How may years have applicants waited?
Beatrix Potter 102 414 13
Garratt Park 143 290 8
* Herlwyn Gardens     9 31 14
King George’s Park 53 273 11
Morden 47 77 2
Putney Vale 78 168 4
* Ravenslea 6 84 16
Sailor Prince 20 189 11

Plot holder’s must be a Wandsworth resident and be aged 18 years or over when making the application. Allotments are allocated in chronological order of application. An allotment tenancy may not be passed down through family members. Allotments plots will be allocated on the basis of no more than one per household.

Currently the demand for allotments in Wandsworth is still far in excess of the plots available. If a vacant plot is a suitable size it will be split. The result is that plots can be quite small – very useful for busy people.

We check annually to make sure applicants are still interested and still eligible. You may contact the Allotments Office to find out where you are on the waiting list.

* Please note that the waiting lists for the Herlwyn Gardens and Ravenslea allotments sites are closed