Garratt Park Allotment

Number of plots at this site: 140

Length of waiting list: 7 years

Numbers waiting: 279

Wandsworth’s largest allotments site runs alongside the River Wandle for half a mile. This is a lovely level site is behind Garratt Park and the playground, just a short walk away from Garratt Lane. The site is divided in two, each with separate entrances. The aspect of both sections is flat, with several mature London plane trees at the northern end (accessed via Steerforth Street). It benefits from a fine fertile forgiving soil derived from river alluvium.

Plots are a variety of sizes and shapes. The large number of plots at this site inevitably leads to greater turnover and possibility of vacancies.

Dating from 1917 the site was created for allotments in response to the food crisis of the First World War. It had earlier been a garden belonging to the owner of the old Garratt Mill by the Trewint Street bridge. The original Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth acquired the land and used it for a depot. During World War 2 the allotments again spread out to cover much of Garratt Park.

Entrances: via Garratt Park, off Siward Road SW17 ; Steerforth Street SW18