King George’s Park Allotment

Number of plots at this site: 50

Length of waiting list: 8 years

Numbers waiting: 240

This allotments site is level with a sunny open aspect, lodged between the Territorial Army and Southfields Academy for neighbours. It is bounded by the natural woodland area of King George’s Park and, across the open park, is the River Wandle. Soil is fine and fertile derived from river alluvium.

It was the Metropolitan Park and Gardens Trust who first set up and managed this allotments site for The London Borough of Wandsworth during World War 2 to contribute towards Digging for Victory. At that time the allotments took up the whole field extending to the River Wandle. By the mid 1960s the allotments had retreated into the small corner they continue to occupy now. The rest of the field became public park as King George’s Park was extended southwards.

The King George’s Park Permanent Allotments Society won Lottery funding and improved the pathways all around this site.

Entrance: via King George’s Park