Trees growing in public places in Wandsworth are managed by Enable Leisure and Culture on behalf of Wandsworth Council.

Enable’s Arboricultural officers are highly experienced and qualified in this field and are responsible for the care and wellbeing of all these trees and work hard to ensure that they provide a safe, pleasing and calm environment within which to live.

The Arboricultural contract is delivered by City Suburban tree surgeons who are a long-established company that have been providing tree care to London residents for many years.

If you have any questions relating to Wandsworth trees, please contact the Trees Team by emailing or calling 020 3959 0070.

Wandsworth Tree Strategy

Trees are vitally important in towns to improve our quality of life. To help protect trees for future generations, we have produced a tree strategy that covers the status and condition of trees in Wandsworth, sets out guidance on managing tree and encourages local action.

Please note that the contact numbers for the Tree Section included in the Tree Strategy are no longer correct. If you would like to contact the trees team, pleas email or call 020 3959 0070.

Download our tree strategy