How can I help look after trees?

Report problems, such as vandalism or damage to trees

Email or call 020 3959 0070.

Help look after trees, join the tree warden scheme

Tree wardens are volunteers who have an interest in local trees and improving the environment. They find out more about local trees, carry out practical projects and give advice. A training programme is run for prospective wardens covering tree surveys, woodland management and tree planting.  This scheme is run in conjunction with the Tree Council.

Please note that the contact numbers for the Tree Section included in the Tree Care and Tree Planting documents are no longer correct. If you would like to contact the trees team, please email or call 020 3959 0070.

Tree care

Tree planting

Search Tree Preservation Orders on Wandsworth Council’s website.

Online Tree Warden application form

Contact us for information on tree walks in green places and the tree survey service provided to establishments.