Exhibitions at PSAD

30 November – 23 December 2020 – Not the Christmas Fair

POSTCARDS – We will have the usual splendid postcard wall ! £5.00 per postcard.
‘50 SHADES OF CLAY’ – CERAMICS – We will be putting boxes in the hall with good, but surplus pots. £5.00 minimum donation. Good present shopping if you can’t find what you want in the showcases or on the walls !
PRINTS – BROWSER –  We will be asking for a minimum donation of £15.00.
DONATED ART MATERIALS – Please e-mail the Friends friendsofpsad@gmail.com if you would like further details

4 January – 23 January 2021 – What we Drew/Photographed/Made in Lockdown

Show from students across the whole school


Online Gallery at PSAD