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We have a huge variety of Digital Design and Photography courses at PSAD. Our digital tutors have years of industry experience combined with fine art practice which gives our students a unique learning experience using Adobe software including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Adobe has been the design industry standard for creating graphics and manipulating imagery for years.

You will learn how to use the tools, palettes and menus in the various software programs to create original artwork which can be used for a range of art practice including graphic and textile design.

Please contact the school if you require further details or a course description.

Here are some of the courses we offer at PSAD:


Digital Design Adobe Creative Cloud (Level 1)

On this course students will learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, as well as how to navigate and do quick image editing in Adobe Bridge.


Digital Design Projects

This is a 10 week course which is suitable for students who feel confident in at least one of the following programmes: Photoshop, Illustrator or In Design. If it’s a website you are creating, a template program such as WIX or Squarespace can be supported.


*NEW* Digital Photography (Project Led)

This course is intended to enable the learner to develop creative approaches and develop their photographic practice through personal research and technical ability.


Digital Photography and Photoshop

Beginners/Level 1 – No knowledge of cameras or Photoshop is necessary but basic computer skills are useful. Level 2 – A grasp of how to get a correct exposure using Aperture, Shutterspeed and ISO. Basic computer skills and some knowledge of enhancing photos with software.  Level 3 – Extending the understanding of using exposure settings and your knowledge of Photoshop.


Landscape & Wildlife Photography

Out on location you will be guided on camera settings and how to improve composition with an eye to editing later on Photoshop e.g. converting to black and white.  Why landscape & Wildlife photography? Maybe you enjoy being in nature and want to share the experience through your unique vision.


Learn Creative Photoshop (Beginners and Level 2)

Being able to work with Photoshop is the must-have skill for all designers and artists, so this course enables you to get to grips with the four essential skills necessary for becoming a Photoshop pro. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, you will learn how to use layers to be truly in control of your image-making, and discover the art of making and using selections, from the simple to the complicated.


Photoclub for advanced photographers

A club for advanced photographers to develop creative vision and build up your portfolio, which will involve directed photo shoots.


Portrait Photography (including one week studio hire)

How to take a good portrait is a fine art, trying to represent your subject in a photograph that communicates the desired result is a skill worth learning.