Regular Running

More and more research is documenting how running, jogging or even walking on a regular basis whilst at schools can help improve the physical and social health and wellbeing of children aged between 4-11years.

The Daily Mile is a free initiative which aims to get children running, jogging or walking 15 minutes a day whilst at school. The idea behind The Daily Mile is that it is not for sport but focuses on health and wellbeing and encourages children to adopt healthy habits early on so that they can carry this through to adulthood.

Our ultimate vision is to involve all children in physical activity every day and we hope that the Daily Mile will play a big part in that. Getting children moving an extra 15 minutes per day is proven to reduce obesity, improve pupil behaviour and well-being and increase concentration levels in the classroom. It is a great way for schools to achieve the recommended 30 active minutes a day and we know many schools who are already benefiting from this in Wandsworth and across the country and we want to enhance the effect of this great initiative!


Daily Mile

Please see below a link to the Daily Mile website which has some great information on how it works and examples of good case studies.


Marathon Kids

There are also other running initiatives such as Marathon Kids that also help get kids running on a regular basis whilst at school. Please see link below for more information on this initiative:


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If you would like to set up a regular running initiative at your school, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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