Swaby Gardens Playground: Public Consultation

Have your say: Swaby Gardens Playground Consultation

Public consultation: Tuesday 14 February, 11am to 4pm Earlsfield Library, 276 Magdalen Road, SW18 3NY.

Online consultation is open from Monday 6 February to Sunday 19 February.


Wandsworth Council are redesigning the existing junior playground in Swaby Gardens and would like your view.

Up to £163,000 of funding has been secured from NCIL (Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy) to refurbish the junior playground and move the toddler play equipment to be part of the new design. Wandsworth Council secures NCIL funding from development projects in the local areas and invests the funding in local community facilities.

There are three designs to choose from, each aimed to improve movement and physical activity among children of all abilities.

The purpose of the refurbishment is to:

  1. Redesign the layout and join the junior and toddler playgrounds.
  2. Provide an accessible playground for children of all abilities.
  3. Provide exciting play equipment that has; climbing, swinging, rotating, sliding, balancing and stretching features.
  4. Offer a range of challenging, energetic strength building play experiences to help build children’s self confidence and tests the limits of their capabilities.
  5. Create a place for social interactions, to help children learn how to negotiate, cooperate, compete and resolve conflicts.

Come along to the public consultation meeting on Tuesday 14 February 11am to 4pm to talk to representatives from Enable Leisure and Culture and give your view in person, or have your say online here.

Swaby Gardens Playground Consultation

Online consultation is open from Monday 6 February to Sunday 19 February.

For further information please contact:

Teresa Constantinou, Playground Development Officer, tconstantinou@wandsworth.gov.uk

Enable Leisure & Culture manage and deliver the parks service on behalf of Wandsworth Council.

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