Cremation memorials at Putney Vale

Wall plaques closeup

Memorial options

There are a number of memorial options at the crematorium and in the garden of remembrance.  We advise that you visit the crematorium and garden of remembrance to look at the memorials and the settings they are placed in and then either pop into the office or browse the memorials here for more information. 

Download our memorial brochure here.

Memorial pricelist click here.

Memorials, with the exception of the book of remembrance are offered on an annual or seven year lease which are all renewable towards the end of the lease period. 

Memorial shown – Garden wall plaque.

You can view the book of remembrance online by clicking on the following link.

Fees are quoted within each memorials page on this site.

VAT is included where appropriate at the current rate.

You may pay annually for a memorial.  Download a Direct Debit Mandate.

Changed address?  Download a Change of address or name form.