Other Park Hire

If you are looking to hire a park or open space for an outdoor event, please find below all of the key information.

What counts as an event

– an organised activity where there are 50 or more people
– where infrastructure is taken on site. Infrastructure includes but is not limited to; gazebos, tables and bouncy castles.
– where licensable activities are planned

If your event has less than 50 people and no infrastructure is taken on site, no formal application is required. However, we advise you contact our team to make them aware of your activity. Picnics are permitted in Battersea Park on the condition that no infrastructure is taken onsite. Bouncy castles are permitted however you must apply to hold and event and therefore a fee is applicable.


How to hire a park or open space

In order to apply to hire the park you first need to email the events team: events@enablelc.org with an event proposal. Please ensure your proposal includes the following information:
– Date
– Preferred venue – please be aware that not all areas in the Battersea Park are available for hire
– Total number of people expected to attend
– Proposed activities (funfair, stage, performance)
– Proposed stalls, traders and caterers
– Details on infrastructure
– Information on access (is it ticketed)

Once we have received your proposal a member of our team will write to confirm your proposal and discuss information in more detail. Once your proposal has been accepted, we will then direct you to submit an application and will provide estimated fees. Please do not apply unless you have been prompted to do so.


Once you have been in touch with the Events Team

The Events Team will write to confirm your application status and will at this stage confirm fees. An application fee of £50 will be payable, please note this non-refundable and will make up part of your total fee.

Your event will not have final approval until all necessary information has been received and approved by the Event Team.


Facilities available

Battersea Evolution is a temporary structure located on the British Genius Site in Battersea Park. The structure is managed by Smart Group Ltd however the open-air site is managed by the Event Team. If you wish to hire the site with the structure please contact batterseaevolution@smartgroupltd.co.uk If you wish to hold an open air event on the site please contact the Events Team.

Sports Pitches: If you wish to hire a sports pitch in Battersea Park please contact Wandsworth.Sports@idverde.co.uk

Street Events: If you wish to have an event that utilises streets or impacts on the highways please contact streetworks@wandsworth.gov.uk


Contact us

If you are unsure or would like to talk to a member of our team, please email events@enablelc.org or call 0203 959 0015