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Enable Leisure & Sport

34 Wandsworth High St, London SW18 4JE, UK

HQ for the enable leisure & sport team

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PAWS roams the streets of Wandsworth encouraging everyone to get active and healthy.

PAWS’s career highlights to date include:

  • The inaugural London Youth Games Mascot Derby Champion, 2013
  • Reigning and undefeated champion of the Get Active Wandsworth Festival 60 metre Mascot dash (2014-2015)
  • 2nd place in the London Youth Games Mascot Derby, 2014 (although we are not sure a hare onesie counts as a mascot outfit, you know who you are)
  • 3rd place in the Wimbledon Common Mascot Derby 2014
  • Being FOXY’s (the London Youth Games Mascot) arch nemesis
  • Visiting almost every school in Wandsworth and bringing joy to all he meets.

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Monthly PAWS for thought…

“What goes up when the rain comes down?”

Answer: an umbrella!