Memorial planter

Planter plaques

Memorial name: Memorial planter plaque

Lease terms: One or seven years

Location of memorial: Three planters in the formal gardens

Options: None

Availability: Good availability


Description: Located in the garden of remembrance the memorial planter plaques offer up to three lines of inscription and look out over the gardens. The plaques are attached to a planter which is planted by our staff with summer and winter bedding plants.

Download the Granite plaque application form

1. Fill in the applicant section at the top of page 1.

2. Please read the terms and conditions below and sign the form.

3. On page 1 tick the box next to the type of granite plaque you require. Please note the number of lines of inscription that are available for that memorial.

4. Fill in the grid using the maximum number of lines instructed for the chosen memorial. Please use one box in the grid for each letter, space, comma and full stop etc.

5. The name of the deceased must be placed on its own line and be no longer than 18 letters.

6. Do not worry about centring the text as this will be done for you.

7. For garden wall plaques please indicate if you would like a photo plaque or artistic design. An additional fee is payable for these.

8. A proof will be sent to you and will need to be agreed prior to the plaque being made. Fees are payable before manufacture.

How to pay

1. You need not pay anything yet. Once you have agreed and accepted the proof we will ask for payment which can be made by cheque payable to ‘Enable Leisure and Culture’ or you may pay by credit/debit card.

2. You will need to pay the ‘purchase and setup fee’ as stated in the current pricelist. Then add the fee for the lease you wish to add – either 1 or 7 years.

3. If you wish to pay annually you can do this by direct debit. In which case please fill in a direct debit mandate form. Your first years lease will be taken from your account on the first day of the month following the installation of your plaque/memorial and the first day of that month each year thereafter.

4. Memorial leases are renewable each year or every seven years. We will write to you one month prior to the renewal date.

1. Once approved by the applicant please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery and placement in the garden of remembrance. The lease term starts from the date the memorial is installed.

2. Inscriptions can be refused if deemed inappropriate or unsuitable.

3. We reserve the right to alter the layout of an inscription to suit continuity or to cater for artwork, photo plaques or drill holes. Where possible these changes will be reflected on the proof.

4. The purchase and setup fee is payable before any work is commissioned.

5. It is the applicants responsibility to notify the office of any change of address. This must be done on the official form available from the office or from The council and/or its contractor hold no responsibility for a lease being terminated and plaques removed and disposed of where there has been no notification of a change of address.

6. Where a memorial is not renewed the plaque will be removed and disposed of but not before two letters of renewal have been sent to the applicant at his/her registered address. Please observe point 5 above.

7. All memorials including their surrounds and fixings remain the property of Wandsworth council and/or its contractor however should the applicant cancel a memorial he/she may collect the plaque from the office in person upon giving reasonable notice. Plaques will not be placed in the post.

8. If a posy or flower holder is provided this may be used for freshly cut flowers only. No other items are permitted in the garden of remembrance. No items may be placed on or attached to a plaque or behind, in front or beside of it or its surround. Unauthorised items will be removed and disposed of without notice. Staff periodically remove flowers deemed past theirbest without notice.

Memorial planterMemorial planter