Cremated remains graves

Putney Vale in Autumn

Memorial name: Cremated remains graves

Lease terms: 40 years

Location: Circular grave blocks along the main drive

Options: Up to four sets of cremated remains can be interred

Availability: Good availability



Description: Located along the main drive near to the crematorium building cremated remains graves allow the family to inter up to four sets of cremated remains.  A small headstone may be erected on the plot via a stone mason giving much choice of memorisation

Regulations apply to cremated remains graves.  More information is available from the office

Purchase of grave deed for forty years £1933 (resident*) £2899 (non-resident)

Interment of cremated remains (each set) £535

Subsequent interment of cremated remains (at the same time) £267

Surcharge for a burial at a weekend £267

Extension of right of burial per five years (up to 40 years) £235


All prices valid until 31st December 2023.

* For the purchase of a cremated remains grave, a resident is deemed as either the person who’s cremated remains are to be buried in the grave or where at least one of the new owners (maximum of two) is a resident of the borough of Wandsworth. Proof of payment of council tax to Wandsworth Council in the last 12 months may be required on application.

Please contact the office for more information.

Please contact the office for more information.