Drawing and Painting

We have a huge variety of drawing and painting courses to offer.

PSAD Courses 2018 - 2019

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Book Illustration

This course covers all aspects of illustration and aims to enable students to respond to a variety of briefs, working to deadlines. The areas covered include editorial, picture book illustration, storyboards, cards etc.

Fridays   |   10am to 1pm

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Botanic Drawing and Painting (beginners)

This is a course in Botanical Illustration is for the beginner to intermediate Botanical illustrator and continuing students of botanical art and illustration.

Beginners Mondays   |   10am to 1pm

Intermediate Mondays | 2 to 5pm

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Botanical Drawing and Painting with Watercolour (all levels)

Botanical drawing and painting is a creative art form and a means of recording natural structures. Working from plants and flowers you will be introduced to careful observational painting and drawing. Exploring working with form, line, tone, texture, colour and water colour techniques. A range of plants and flowers will be the subject of this studio based class each week.
Through group and one to one tuition, demonstrations and looking at images from other artists.

Mondays   |   6.45 to 9.45pm

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Draw and Paint with mixed media (all levels)

The course aims to explore drawing and painting media in depth; beginning with drawing techniques using pencil and charcoal to explore line, tone and structure then introducing colour and further mark making techniques with pastels, watercolour, gouache, ink and wash. All work will be on paper using a variety of surfaces and grounds. The course will include advice on colour mixing, how to depict depth using line and tone, the importance of negative space, and cross-contour drawing. It will provide a strong foundation for the beginner and reinforce the potential of mixed media techniques for the more practised artist. During the course you will be working from observation, aiming to develop your drawing abilities further, which in turn will inform your practice further.

Tuesdays   |   2 to 4.30pm


Drawing and Painting 

The course is suitable for all students who wish to improve painting techniques and drawing skills. The course will concentrate on landscape, figure and still life compositions.

All levels Mondays   |   10am to 1pm   |   6.45 to 9.45pm

All levels Wednesdays   |   10am to 1pm   |   2 to 5pm   |   6.45 to 9.45pm

All levels Saturdays   |   10am to 1pm

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Drawing (students with some experience)

Using a variety of materials you will explore different forms of description and expression. Subject matter will range from domestic ‘still life’ objects, food, plants and the human figure, through to space, place and movement. Each week will focus on a particular theme with exercises in exploring ways we see and experience the world and the use of the drawn mark to record that experience. We will discuss the work as a group at the end of each session. Throughout each term we will look at the work of different artists, discussing the many and varied ways in which we can draw..

Using a variety of materials you will explore different forms of description and expression.

Mondays   |   10am to 1pm

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Drawing into Watercolour and Gouache

This course aims to develop your drawing abilities further, which in turn will underpin both your painting in watercolour and gouache.

Wednesdays   |   2 to 5pm


Experimental Art and Media (all levels)

This course has two aims. The first is to give you the knowledge and confidence to work with a range of different core materials – not only in drawing and painting, but also in experimental techniques including collage, mixed media, photography, printmaking and film. The second is to help you explore your own ideas and to help you develop a personal visual language. A key part of this will be to give you the skills to develop ideas, research them, plan a body of work and bring it to a successful conclusion.

All levels Tuesdays   |   6.45 to 9.45pm

Intermediate and advance Thursdays   |   10am to 1pm 

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Botanical Drawing-Absolute Beginners

Working from plants and flowers and other natural organic forms you will be introduced to a discipline of careful observational drawing and painting. You will explore working with form, line, tone, texture and colour as well as composition using pencil (beginners) and water colours (all others)

Tuesdays   |   2 to 5pm

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Introduction to Drawing

This course is for students with little or no drawing experience and would like to learn to draw from observation.You will learn the basic principles of observational drawing and be shown how to interpret visual information. You will have the opportunity to develop your drawing techniques and experiment with a variety of materials. The aim of the course is to help you to develop your observational skills further and build your confidence when recording what you see and experience.

Tuesdays   |   6.45 to 9.45pm

Wednesdays   |   10am to 1pm

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Introduction to Drawing and Painting

It is suitable for beginners and also for students with some experience who would welcome a structured refresher course.  Working from direct observation of studio based set-ups the course will provide a broad based introduction to drawing & painting.  The course is divided into three projects lasting about four weeks. Each one will focus on a particular aspect of looking & making: TONE, SPACE, COLOUR.

Thursdays | 6.45 to 9.45pm

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Life and Figure Drawing (all levels)

This is a wide-ranging, structured life drawing course suitable for all levels and especially for those who have general drawing skills but have not drawn the figure very much.

Mondays  |   2 to 5pmWednesday   |   2 to 5pm

Fridays   |   10am to 1pm

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Life Drawing

This is a wide-ranging, structured life drawing course suitable for all levels and especially for those who have general drawing skills but have not drawn the figure very much. This class will look at the broader context of the practice of life drawing. So in addition to working from the nude, with attention to basic anatomy, we will study the clothed figure, observing the fall and tension of the clothing, and placing the model in the surrounding context. The course will include work on individual portraiture, together with consideration of groups of figures, their interaction and spatial context, and compositional ideas. The emphasis throughout is on close observation.

All levels Wednesdays   |   6.45 to 9.45pm     Beginners Thursdays   |   10am to 1pm     Experience students Wednesdays   |   10am to 1pm


Life Drawing Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Saturdays   |   10am to 1pm


Painting and Drawing Projects

Each term we work to a different themed project. Previous projects have included ‘people and places’, the theatre of ‘light and dark’ and ‘cityscapes’. The first half of the term is very structured and introduces students to a range of practical approaches, which they can then use in more self-initiated ways later in the term. All work is part of a termly project, although most sessions are self-contained. The balance between painting & drawing varies each term.

Fridays   |   2 to 5pm


Painting and Drawing (all levels)

This class offers students who already have some painting & drawing experience the opportunity to extend to develop their skills, knowledge and approaches through the use of different media in particular OIL PAINTS*. Each terms work is structured around a general theme, for example ‘Landscapes real & imagined’. Initial work may include drawing in various media including collage. The balance of painting to drawing varies each term.

All levels Saturdays 1.30 to 4.30pm

Intermediate Tuesdays   |   6.45 to 9.45pm


Portrait Drawing (all levels)

You will learn to identify the skeletal structure of the head and assess its anatomical proportions. You will learn how to take proportional measurements and judge angles and planes. You will consider facial type, individual proportion, body language, particularity and expression as other vital ingredients in the mix.  This course is a useful preparation for a portrait painting course, or for life drawing and painting classes.

Thursdays   |   6.45 to 9.15pm


Portrait : Drawing the Head (students with some experience)

The emphasis of the course will be on structure and anatomy and ways of understanding and describing this, through close observation of the model. You will not be studying colour on this course. You will work from live models as well as skulls, casts, yourselves and each other. You will explore different media as useful tools to convey various responses. You will draw at different speeds and explore the use of caricature.

Thursdays   |   2 to 5pm