Useful information

Our cemeteries are regulated by law and by regulations.  We ask that all visitors to our cemeteries observe the regulations displayed at the entrances.  For a full copy of the current regulations please click here.

Please note that Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and not exercised in the cemeteries. 

Interment of Cremated remains form

For interment of cremated remains in the circular areas at North East Surrey Crematorium please contact the office on 020 8337 4835

If you are a grave owner and have changed your name or address please complete the form below and post to the relevant office. If you have changed your name you will need to provide proof of the change in the form of a marriage certificate etc.

Change of address or name form

Can I search the Wandsworth burial records? Yes. You can search for free to find out whether someone has been buried in one of our cemeteries or cremated at Putney Vale Crematorium. You can also, for a small fee, view and download a copy of the register to establish the grave number. Please use the link on the right of this page.

Do we have a choice of burial plot? In some cases we will be able to offer a choice of burial plot. Please contact us for your options at each of the cemeteries.

Do you have a mausoleum option? We can offer above ground mausoleum at Putney Vale Cemetery. These are located along the drive at the top of the hill. Please contact us for more information.

How many burials can take place in a grave? For new graves we aim to excavate the grave to allow for up to four coffin burials. You may also bury up to six sets of cremated remains in these graves. Please note that the depth of all burials depends on the ground conditions at the time the grave is excavated and these depths are not always achievable.

Can we place a full memorial on a grave? Full memorials are only allowed on traditional graves. Lawn-style memorials are allowed on lawn graves.

When we buy a grave, what are we buying? When you buy a new grave, you are not buying the ownership of the land, you are buying the rights to have burials take place in that grave.  You are also buying the right to put a memorial on the grave (subject to an additional permit fee and cemetery regulations).

Where can we view the cemetery regulations? Download the Cemetery and Crematorium Regulations found at the top of this page. A printed copy is also available from the Putney Vale office. A summary of the regulations is displayed at all of our cemeteries.

Should we insure a headstone? We recommend you seek appropriate insurance cover, as repairs can be expensive. A number of monumental masons provide this service and some will offer a guarantee of their workmanship. Unfortunately, on rare occasions there have been incidents of damage to private headstones. We have no responsibility for any damage to memorials and reserve the right to remove any memorial that has become unsightly or unsafe.

Are headstones tested? To ensure the safety of visitors in the cemeteries, we carry out a safety check of all memorials in the cemetery. We must make safe any memorial found in immediate danger (by means of laying the memorial down on the grave) and will attempt to make contact with the owner. Memorials remain the property and responsibility of the registered grave owner. If an owner thinks that their memorial is unsafe they should arrange to have the stone assessed and repaired by a monumental mason.