Resources for funeral directors

This page contains resources for funeral directors for our burial services.

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Please note that Battersea New (Morden) Cemetery is now administered from the on site office shared with North East Surrey Crematorium.

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This list is based on frequently asked questions received from funeral arrangers/directors and also contains information on restrictions currently in place for burials at Putney Vale, Wandsworth and Battersea New (Morden) cemeteries.

Restrictions change from time to time so please revisit this page a few days before a funeral in case any of this information has changed.

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Frequently asked questions
Question Current position Date
Permitted number of mourners Up to 24 in chapel and up to 30 at graveside 13 July 12 April 2021
Who can attend Invited close family and friends 13 July 13 July
Can other friends and family attend the a burial service from outside the chapel or at graveside This is not encouraged to avoid gatherings. This includes people gathering around the chapels or graveside, lining the drive or watching webcasts in their cars etc. 23 March 23 March
Is the minister included in the restricted number of mourners No 6 April 2020 6 April
How long is permitted for the service in chapel Our usual policy applies and 30 minutes is allowed for.

An additional slot is available for a fee which will allow for a service of up to one hour

All services start at the time of the appointment. Service overruns are chargeable.

n/a n/a
What measures are in place to protect the public from the virus in the chapel Between each service our chapel attendant disinfects the pews paying particular attention to pews used at each service. All touchpoints are sanitised between services. We have hand sanitiser available in the chapel and ask that mourners sanitise on entering and leaving the building. Mourners are required to wear face coverings in chapel by law unless exempt. Funeral directors are asked to bring a supply of coverings in case a mourner does not have one. We expect mourners to use common sense when choosing where to sit in the chapel with each family ‘bubble’ sitting at least 2 meters apart. Face coverings are advised at graveside 7 August 7 August
Test and trace Please ask the lead mourner (usually the applicant for the burial) to compile a list of mourners and their contact telephone numbers. This list should be kept by the lead mourner for 21 days. If we are contacted by Public Health England or the NHS suspecting that someone on that day may have the virus, we will contact the lead mourner to advise them what to do. We will also contact the funeral arranger. 13 July 13 July
Use of face coverings Face coverings must be worn by law unless exempt. This applies to services in chapel and at graveside. 7 August 7 August
Are floral tributes permitted Yes. Our usual policy applies. n/a n/a
Back filling of graves by mourners At this time this is not possible as we need to protect our staff and contractors from the risk of infection. We will allow for each mourner, if desired to drop a token handful of soil into the grave. The Funeral Director will need to manage this. 23 March 23 March
Car parking Our usual policy applies 18 May 18 May
Is singing permitted in chapel and graveside Government guidance states that the singing of hymns is not encouraged. We are not enforcing this however please advise the family that this is the case. Should more than 16 mourners be in attendance (up to the current limit) we suggest that singing does not take place. Please note that hymn books were removed from chapels at the start of our response to the pandemic 20 July 5 August
Professional singers / use of instruments Professional singers (for example soloists) are not encouraged but please call the office for further advice. The use of blown instruments is not permitted in chapel. Any other performers are to be included in the permitted number of mourners. This applies in chapels and at graveside 5 August 5 August
Family lowering of a coffin into a grave Our normal policy applies. Two family members may assist in lowering a coffin into a grave but only with four experienced funeral bearers taking up the corner positions. However this is also subject to your companies health and safety policy and risk assesment at this time n/a n/a
Are you offering weekend burial bookings Not at this time 23 March 23 March
Public toilets Normal advertised times
(for Putney Vale, toilets are available at the crematorium building only)
20 July 23 July

Please find below a copy of the communications sent to local and regular funeral homes.

If you do not receive these updates by email and wish to be added to our list please email a request to

These are available for information only. The content of these documents may have changed since they were first issued.

Please refer to the latest correspondence or the information provided on this page for the current guidance and restrictions.

Issue number Date of email PDF
9 6 August Click here
8 13 July Click here
7 19 June Click here
6 1 May Click here
5 22 April Click here
4 13 April Click here
3 30 March Click here
2 26 March Click here
1 18 March Click here

Notes on bookings and when paperwork is required.

For burials at Putney Vale, Wandsworth and Battersea new cemeteries please follow the below procedure for booking a burial.

Bookings for burials are only taken from funeral directors.

  1. Call the relevant office to book a mutually convenient day and time.
  2. Fill in the interment form with as much information you can.
  3. Email the interment form to the relevant office within 24 hours of booking to confirm the booking.  Email addresses are printed on the relevant form.
  4. As soon as possible complete the form and get the grave owner/s to sign the form (or the applicant for burial if the grave owner is to be buried) and re-email the form along with the green certificate.
  5. Send the original signed form and green certificate to the office or bring on the day with the funeral.
  6. The coffin size is required three clear working days before the day of the funeral.

Please note that any type of coffin with straight edges, where there is no or little taper is deemed a casket and an additional fee is payable.  Caskets are not permitted to be buried in new graves at Wandsworth cemetery due to limited space.

Coffin/casket burials

Please note that any type of coffin with straight edges, where there is no or little taper is deemed a casket and an additional fee is payable.  Caskets are not permitted to be buried in new graves at Wandsworth cemetery due to limited space.

Back fills

Where a back fill is required the office must be notified at least three days prior to the day of the funeral.  Where no or little notice is received it may not be possible to offer a back fill to the family. Please note that due to Coronavirus backfilling of graves is currently not permitted.

Voluntary (family) bearers

In the light of health and safety we only permit a maximum of two voluntary bearers to assist in the carrying of and the lowering of a coffin – and only where there are four competent members of funeral home staff also carrying and lowering.  Voluntary bearers must only take up the middle left and middle right positions.  Health and safety is our up most concern and if the attendant overseeing the burial has any concern we reserve the right to stop a burial from taking place until suitable people are in place to carry and/or lower a coffin into a grave.

Payment of fees

In most cases we will only accept the payment of burial fees from the funeral director by cheque or credit/debit card. With agreement of the Bereavement Services Manager local and regular funeral homes may be invoiced for fees.  We usually do not take fees direct from a family – however if this is required we will only accept credit/debit card transactions up to the day before the day of the burial.  No cheques are acceptable for burial fees from members of the public.

Putney Vale and Wandsworth cemeteries

Notice of interment

Interment of Cremated Remains

Please note that all forms must be signed by the grave owner/s or where the grave owner is to be buried an applicant for the burial.

Morden cemetery

Notice of Interment

Interment of Cremated Remains – For graves in the cemetery only.  For the burial of cremated remains in the circular areas please contact the office on 020 8337 4835.

Please note that all forms must be signed by the grave owner/s or where the grave owner is to be buried an applicant for the burial.