Resources for stone masons

This page contains resources for stone masons.

Please note that Battersea New (Morden) Cemetery is now administered from the on site office shared with North East Surrey Crematorium.

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As part of a review of our practices Battersea New (Morden) cemetery is now administered from the office on site shared with North East Surrey Crematorium.  Putney Vale and Wandsworth cemeteries continue to be administered from the Putney Vale office.

Changes to permit forms

There are now two permit application forms;

Application for approval of monumental work to be used for all new memorials, additional inscriptions to existing memorials or where alterations to an existing memorial are to be made (including adding curbs, landing and additional tablets etc.)

Application for repair and/or renovation of a memorial to be used for repairs, cleaning, re-guilding or lettering, adding a grave number where not included before or re-fixing when the memorial has failed a safety test. A small administration fee is payable and a permit will be issued once approved.

Adoption of BRAMM

From 1st January 2018 all monumental masons working in our cemeteries will be required to be members of BRAMM.  Our current local registration scheme will continue  until 31st December 2017 although new and existing masons can include their BRAMM registration numbers on the new forms to bypass this from 1st July 2017.


May I also remind you that masons must contact the office the at least 24 hours prior to when they propose to carry out any works in any of our cemeteries and that they may be asked to leave the cemetery if no notification has been received.

To ensure that you are kept up to date on developments and with a view of minimising paper may I please ask that you email to request to be added to our masons emailing list or complete the form at the top of this page.