Moving Forward after Stroke

Moving Forward After Stroke is a free 12 week programme of exercise and health and wellbeing sessions designed to help you increase your fitness and function.

The weekly exercise sessions are delivered at Battersea Park Millennium Arena by Specialist Exercise Instructors. For more information about the facility click here.

The classes are delivered in groups of 8 participants. The exercises are specially designed to help each participant individually. We work with physiotherapists to ensure your specific needs are addressed and that we are helping you achieve goals that are important to you. For example you may wish to regain movement in your arm or be able to walk further without tiring.

The programme is designed to gradually increase your fitness. We will not push you beyond your capabilities or ask you to do anything that is too difficult for you at any point. You are encouraged to work at your own pace and the instructor will regularly talk to you about your progress. In the health and wellbeing sessions you can find out about other ways to keep active and the small changes you could make to improve how you feel.

Before starting the programme you will be invited to a pre-exercise assessment. This ensures that you are safe to complete the programme and that we know how to adapt your exercises. After completing the 12 week course, we help you find suitable ways to continue with physical activity.

If you would like you join the programme please discuss with your GP or physiotherapist. If they agree that you are suitable for the programme, they can refer you using this referral form. For further information please contact Beth Brown on 020 3959 0031 or email Beth Brown