Memorial benches

Do you have found memories of Battersea Park? If so, sponsoring a bench will be a lasting and memorable contribution to this much-loved and well used park. Normally, there are two types of benches you can sponsor: cast iron or steel strap. Currently, however, only sites for cast iron benches are available. These are mainly in the Central Avenue area of the park.

Cast Iron Benches

The cast iron bench design was at its height of popularity during the mid 19th century. Although very few benches from that period survive today, the design for our benches has been copied from a photograph of an original as part of the restoration of the park carried out during the 1990s. This style bench is used in the more formal areas of the park, including the riverside promenade, the Sub Tropical and Rosery Gardens, as well as on Central Avenue.

Cost: £1,190


Steel Strap Benches

The strap benches can be seen in early photographs of the park. Some of the original strap benches survive and have been refurbished. The new benches are exact replicas; however the wood used is from sustainable sources rather than teak which was used on the original benches. The strap bench is widely distributed throughout the park, except in formal garden areas.

Cost: £865


Repairs Policy

If damaged, the bench will be repaired wherever possible. For the first three years, if the bench is damaged beyond repair, it will be replaced at no charge to you. After three years, where the bench is damaged beyond repair, we can make no guarantee that the bench will be replaced.


Placement of the Benches

We reserve the exclusive right to display or not to display any bench within the park and its location.

Once we have installed a bench in the park we do not intend to move it. However, if we need to move or remove the bench, we will tell you in advance.

For further information email