Grassland is the most abundant habitat in the borough and has the widest distribution.

Some types of grassland are better for wildlife than others. The most common type in Wandsworth is amenity grassland. This is the close mown turf usually found on sports pitches, parks and lawns. It is made up of one or two hardy grasses and a few wildflowers and does not provide a great benefit for wildlife.

If the grass is less frequently mown and not trampled, it becomes richer for wildlife. We are changing our management regimes for some of our amenity grassland to make it better for wildlife, for example in Morden Cemetery.

The grassland on acid soil has a unique character and is unusual in London. Grasses on this soil have very fine leaves and grow amongst wildflowers such as sheep’s sorrel and tormentil. Relic areas of acid grassland can be found on Wimbledon and Tooting Commons. Birds such as the skylark, meadow pipit and green woodpecker are particularly associated with this habitat.

We are working with others in London to improve the condition of our acid grassland and if possible restore acid grassland back to some parts of the Commons.