Diploma Course Description September 2020

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Diploma Year 2 Exhibition: 

Final work by six artists from Putney School of Art & Design’s Diploma 2020. The works displayed use mixed media, sculpture & conceptual art to explore a variety of themes.

Exhibitors: Linda Breeds, Katie Inness-Chaytor, Steve Mathews, Felicity Ross, Clive Thomas and Hannah Weaver

You can see more of their work on their own website: https://psaddiploma2020.wordpress.com/
In addition work will be showcased on the Putney School of Art and Design Instagram page @putneyartnews from 13 – 20 July 2020 and at the Barnes Riverside Gallery (36 Barnes High Street, SW13) from 20 July to 13 August.




Linda Breeds

Linda Breeds traces ancestral remembrance through the exploration of the Hastings and New York landscape and the use of mixed-media collage, cyanotype and paint.  Her practice is concerned with themes of time and passage and the use of historic and visual research.

Katie Inness-Chaytor

For my Final Major Project, I have taken as my starting point the public memorialization of death using spontaneous shrines, particularly the use of flowers. I have explored this using the collagraph technique with Intaglio ink. Due to the absence of a printing press during lockdown they have all been hand-printed using a Baren.

Steve Mathews

Mathews spends a lot of time in the natural world during daily walks or conservation work. This slow paced, direct experience has led to an appreciation of the smaller, less obvious aspects of nature, some in plain sight and overlooked or simply unseen. In this exhibition he hopes the “magical ways” of nature are revealed for their greater wonder. His work makes use of ‘low material’ such as packaging (cardboard, polystyrene) which is all around, but we give it very little attention – echoing the theme of overlooked or unseen aspects of our natural world. This discarded material makes it a great medium for experimentation. Transmutation of both the material and perception is of interest to Mathews as it allows him to explore his interest in abstraction to create visual installations.

Steve Mathews Video 1    Steve Mathews Video 2

Felicity Ross

I capture the feelings evoked by archaeological fragments and ancient buildings, which afford me
shards of a view into the vanished world of the past. When I first see an age-old item, just for a
second I can breathe the same air as the people who made that sculpture, sailed in those boats, lost
their jewellery, cast their spells. My linocuts and paper collages allude to the disorienting experience
of discovering that places I once knew have disappeared into history. I feel as if I could still find them,
if only I could find the right corner to turn.


Clive Thomas

My work concentrates on sculptural forms. I have created a series of images in the form of masks, using the faces of real people.  I have asked each of them to name their spiritual animal and these have been created as complete heads of each chosen animal. My Artist’s Book also uses masks, although they are cast not sculpted. I have taken a quotation from T.S. Elliot’s “Four Quartets” and written it around images of the cast faces. The quotation is circular in meaning and this is reflected in the way it’s written and the masks are hung.

Hannah Weaver

Hannah Weaver has chosen to explore the themes of home and memory, taking inspiration from the collections of the Victorian era.  Her ‘Cabinet of Memories’ was created by engaging family and friends to identify objects with personal meaning.
The assemblage features a display of various everyday objects chosen from the ‘Cabinet of Memories’.  Cast from plaster, these memories have been transformed into uncanny sculptural forms, displayed within Victorian glass collector’s domes.
Photographs are used to highlight everyday objects in images that have been inspired by memories from Hannah’s favourite childhood fairy stories.

Diploma Year 1 Exhibition: 

End of Year Show by seven artists from Putney School of Art & Design’s Diploma 2020 course

Exhibitors: Elizabeth Allen, Olga Begun, Pauline Crossan, Janice Curran, Prem Koster #premkosterart #premputneyschoolofart, Juliet Morel and Bill Raspin #billraspinart


Diploma Course Description September 2020

Please contact Belinda Bates, Curriculum Manager if you are interested in applying for September 2021: bbates@enablelc.org