Students work

What the students have to say:

Photoshop Intensive ‘The course was enormously helpful. The lessons were taught in a simple and fun way. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.’ 

Illustration Intensive ‘An excellent supportive teacher, very inspiring I can’t wait to do another of her courses.’

Digital Design ‘The teacher was brilliant. Very energetic and easy-going. She explained all very clearly. We did some great stuff, really fun!’

Introduction to DrawingI am able to develop my own style and at the same time extend the range of what I can do both in exploring new techniques and using new materials.’

Botanical DrawingLoved every minute and has inspired me to work from home.’

ScreenprintingExcellent teaching, which has bought me, an absolute beginner, self confidence.’

Garden Design ‘Have learned a lot about design principles and have undertaken a garden sight survey to enable me to produce a design. Tutor very well informed and informative about the whole process.’




Students Work

Online Courses at PSAD

Enrol 2019-20


Our online courses are proving to be very popular, first we ran taster sessions and then shorter 2 or 3 week courses. See below some of the comments and pictures we have received from students:






‘I really enjoyed what you were doing, Jaco, (Botanical Illustration) and will work on curly leaves from your file. Thank you for the work put in and for the resources provided.’

‘Thank you so much for the course yesterday (Jane’s Comics & Graphic Novels Class). It was fun even though I was terrified. I now have an idea of how I could have told my story and I shall panic less if I have to draw a character in different positions. I’m doing Sophie’s illustration course this afternoon.. looking forward to that.’ ‘Really enjoyed the session yesterday. Has really got me thinking. I was inspired not only by your diary comics, but all the other participants too. Thank you.’

‘Thanks for the lesson Sarah, really enjoyed it.’ (Sarah’s Expressive Drawing) ‘Thanks for the class this morning – I really enjoyed it and found it very useful!’ ‘Thanks so much for today’s class it was wonderful to relax and have fun with mixed medias’. ‘Thank you Sarah for today’s class I really, really enjoyed it….Fabulous class…I will try and book on another.’ ‘Thank you so much, Sarah – I really enjoyed the class. I’m still tinkering with my self-portrait – it’s getting darker (character-wise) by the minute! It’s interesting, too, how well the class worked on Zoom. As you said, it could well be the future for many PSAD students now. All the best’.

‘Thanks so much for today, (Sophie’s Painting & Drawing Online Course) I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ ‘I’m enjoying the course very much and have done some outside the lesson so as to practice more.’ ‘Thanks so much for the lovely class this morning. I really enjoyed it.’


Step by step guide to using Zoom to access online sessions

How do I begin?

To begin, simply go to and click on Sign up. From there you can enter your first and last name, and your e-mail address to sign up. If you are using a phone, you can download Zoom as an App for both Apple or an android phone.

What do I do after I launch the app?

After you launch the app. You can Join a meeting.
If you do not wish to log in, and just want to join a meeting in progress click on Join a meeting.

One of the good things about Zoom is that you don’t need a Zoom account to join a Zoommeeting. That is why the software has a direct link for ‘Join a Meeting’ without the ‘Sign in’step at first.

You will either be sent a Zoom link directly from your tutor or from PSAD the working day before the course begins with an ID meeting number and password. If you join later than the day before, we will try and get the link sent to you as quickly as we can. The other good reason we are using Zoom, is that the only person who knows your email address is your tutor. You can use this email address to ask questions to your tutor separately in the class time only if you need to.

How do I connect sound and video?

Make sure that you have your audio and camera connected so that your tutor can hear your input and see your progress. These can be found as icons or you may be invited to connect with audio. You should now be able to see your tutor and other students if they have their cameras on.

If you are not familiar with Zoom it is a good idea to practice with your family/friends, so that you don’t encounter any difficulties before the start of the session. There are also lots of instruction videos available on the internet for your specific device.

We hope your online session goes well – Best of luck!